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Cami Winkelspecht Ph.D.

Child Clinical Psychologist

Child Psychology Solutions, LLC

Dr. Cami Winkelspecht is a child clinical psychologist in private practice at Child Psychology Solutions, LLC in Wilmington, DE.  Prior to starting her private practice, Dr. Winkelspecht worked for in two children’s hospital systems: at Nemours in Wilmington, DE as a staff psychologist and clinical director for their child clinical psychology team as well as at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio as a staff psychologist, clinical educator and associate director for their APA accredited internship training program in Child Clinical Psychology.  She received her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and her masters and Ph.D. from Auburn University. 

Dr. Cami is the Continuing Education Committee Chair for Division 42. Dr. Winkelspecht has worked with the media in live and recorded presentations, print media (magazines and blog work), and with numerous schools and community groups providing educational information and opportunities through her 15 years in practice. In her work at Nationwide Children’s Hospital she served as a clinical educator both delivering and developing training programs for clinical staff and teams within their large behavioral health system as well as working with a number of local school to provide educational training related to ADHD and anxiety. Currently, Dr. Winkelspecht works with 6 schools in the state of Delaware to provide educational opportunities related to mental health for both students, staff and parents.

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Embracing the Media: Psychologists as Public Health Advocates

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Cami Winkelspecht, Ph.D. |  Elaine Ducharme, Psychologist |  Robin McLeod, Licensed Psychologist
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