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Embracing the Media: Psychologists as Public Health Advocates

Total Credits: 1.0

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Topic Areas:
Media |  Public Health |  Advocacy
Psychology Practice
Cami Winkelspecht Ph.D. |  Elaine Ducharme, Psychologist |  Robin McLeod, Licensed Psychologist
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Applicable to All Practitioners
Audio and Video
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Embracing the Media: Psychologists as Public Health Advocates

Learning objectives:
1.  Identify 3 reasons why working with the media can promote greater mental health to the public.
2.  Understand 2 ethical principles related to speaking with the media and how to apply them.  
3.  Identify 3 ways to manage common pitfalls and tricky questions.

Join us for an timely webinar where we will work our way through these important questions and help attendees feel equipped to utilize their skills to be advocates for mental health in the media and through community presentations! Psychologists are well positioned to help advance conversations about mental health through engagement with media and this education is needed now more than ever. We will provide resources and lively discussion on the following questions:

  1. Why is public education and media work important for psychologists?
  2. Why is the current world situation providing unique opportunities for psychologists to provide information on mental health?
  3. What are the major ethical issues we need to be careful of…pitfalls to avoid?
  4. How do people get interviews?
  5. How do people best prepare for interviews?
  6. What makes a good media presentation?
  7. How do people navigate around tricky questions?


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics. (April, 2022). Anxiety and depression: Household pulse survey.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US Department of Health and Human Services. (Sept, 2020). 2019 National health interview survey.




Cami Winkelspecht Ph.D.'s Profile

Cami Winkelspecht Ph.D. Related seminars and products

Child Clinical Psychologist

Child Psychology Solutions, LLC

Dr. Cami Winkelspecht is a child clinical psychologist in private practice at Child Psychology Solutions, LLC in Wilmington, DE.  Prior to starting her private practice, Dr. Winkelspecht worked for in two children’s hospital systems: at Nemours in Wilmington, DE as a staff psychologist and clinical director for their child clinical psychology team as well as at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio as a staff psychologist, clinical educator and associate director for their APA accredited internship training program in Child Clinical Psychology.  She received her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and her masters and Ph.D. from Auburn University. 

Dr. Cami is the Continuing Education Committee Chair for Division 42. Dr. Winkelspecht has worked with the media in live and recorded presentations, print media (magazines and blog work), and with numerous schools and community groups providing educational information and opportunities through her 15 years in practice. In her work at Nationwide Children’s Hospital she served as a clinical educator both delivering and developing training programs for clinical staff and teams within their large behavioral health system as well as working with a number of local school to provide educational training related to ADHD and anxiety. Currently, Dr. Winkelspecht works with 6 schools in the state of Delaware to provide educational opportunities related to mental health for both students, staff and parents.

Elaine Ducharme, Psychologist's Profile

Elaine Ducharme, Psychologist Related seminars and products

Elaine Ducharme, Ph.D, is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist in private practice for 35 years. She has specialized in treatment of trauma and abuse  and for the last 12 years has worked extensively in the area of Collaborative Divorce, a specialized manner and team approach to help families divorce with dignity. As Public Education Coordinator (PEC) for the state of CT for over 20 years she has had wonderful opportunities to educate the public on a variety of mental heath issues including specific disorders, stress management, resilience.

Dr. Ducharme is the author of Must I Turn the Other Cheek, a book about premature forgiveness, Assessment and Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder  as well as chapters in several other clinical books and journals. Dr. Ducharme has been regular guest on local and national radio and television and quoted in local and national newspapers and magazines. When Covid first began , she appeared weekly on WRCH radio and monthly on WWLP television in Massachusetts providing support to  the general public as well as to first responders. She has also been actively involved in community presentations and health fairs throughout her career and is a volunteer mental health responder with the American Red Cross. Dr. Ducharme received the 2021 Outstanding Media Award from the Connecticut Psychological Association.

Robin McLeod, Licensed Psychologist's Profile

Robin McLeod, Licensed Psychologist Related seminars and products

Natalis Psychology & Psychology Solutions

Robin McLeod, PhD, is a Licensed Psychologist in Minnesota and is the President/Chief Business Development Officer of Natalis Counseling & Psychology Solutions, a large multidisciplinary behavioral health group in the Twin Cities.  Currently, Dr. McLeod is the Chair of the American Psychological Association (APA) Board of Professional Affairs, the Chair of the Minnesota Board of Psychology, and President-Elect of APA’s Division 42.  As the 2016 President of the Minnesota Psychological Association, Dr. McLeod frequently was interviewed by the local media and continues to be invited to speak to the public on issues related to mental well-being.  Most recently, Dr. McLeod was invited to speak at the Minnesota Attorney General’s all-staff meeting on the impact of the COVID pandemic on mental well-being of Minnesotans and was invited by the White House to be a panelist on a conversation with Mental Health Professionals to address COVID vaccine hesitancy.



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