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Is It Ever Ethical or Moral? | Ethical-Moral Junctions in Psychotherapy and Mental Health Services

Total Credits: 2.0

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Topic Areas:
Ethics |  Professional issues |  Therapeutic ethics
Ethics |  Psychology Practice
Ofer Zur, Ph.D.
Course Levels:
Applicable to All Practitioners
2 hours
Audio and Video
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Tags: Ethics


First of its Kind Webinar: Beyond the 'Clinical-Ethical-Legal' standard in Mental Health

An webinar focused on ethics exploring the significance of context, personal values & moral junctions faced by mental health professionals 

The course will: 

Cover - Ethical & Moral Junctions in Psychology

Differentiate - Clinical. Ethical. Legal from Personal Moral-Values

Identify - Standard of Care in Mental Services

Consider - Context, Client. Setting, Culture, Location

Include a short video for each of the 11 topics 

Course Content:

Is it Ethical or Moral to bring about...

Clients' deaths in the 'next' battle?

Execution of death-row inmates?

Torture of 'war' prisoners?

Racially based pathological diagnoses?

Denial of civil liberties for sex offenders?

Deportation of immigrants from US?

Denial of lifesaving organ transplants to 'receivers'?

Increased prisoners' risk for abuse or death?

Increased probability of patients' suicides? 

Denying peoples· wish for 'End of Life' option? 

Denying help for women patients seeking abortions? 

Educational Objectives: 

This course will teach the participant to: 

• Describe the importance of context as it applies to the standard of care 

• Identify 3 moral junctions that therapists may face in their line of work 

• Define at least 2 competing concerns that therapists may face when deciding to recommend involuntary hospitalization for suicidal clients 

• Discuss ethical concerns in regard to diagnosing African American clients



Ofer Zur, Ph.D.'s Profile

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Ofer Zur, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, instructor as well as forensic expert witness and ethics consultant.  He was the founder of Zur Institute, back in 2000, an online continuing education platform for mental health professionals.  He authored and co-authored 5 books, including “Boundaries in Psychotherapy” (Published by APA) and “Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Unavoidable, Common, and Mandatory Dual Relations in Therapy” and published over 100 articles on ethics and related topics.  He has been teaching in the U.S. and abroad on topics related to ethics, critical thinking, therapeutic boundaries, the psychology of victims, gender and war.  Dr. Zur is am APA Div 42 fellow and in 2021 he received authorization from the Minnesota Supreme Court to prepare an amicus brief regarding the standard of care for psychotherapy and counseling.

Please see Dr. Zur's CV for additional speaker information: